Data Security : Master Post

Information hidden from unauthorised access – Confidentiality Information protected from unauthorised change – Integrity Information entity from unauthorised bandwitdth hijacking – Availability Threat to Confidentiality Snooping – Someone wants to look through your data Traffic Analysis Threat to Intrgrity Modification Masquerading Replaying Repudiation Threat to Availability Denial of Service DoS Ceasar Cipher is one of […]

Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography.

Ranjan Bose’s chapter about cyclic codes begins with a riveting quote by Pascal, Blaise “We arrive at the truth, not by reason only, but also by the heart.” Quotes like this make a comprehensive book about information theory even more captivating. Linear Block Codes, block codes –every message m (size k) corresponds to a codeword c (size […]