Memorising Stuff In Computer Networks

OSI Layers All People Some Time Need Data Processing MAC Frame Paula Shouted Directly Saying Let’s Dance Cargo? Blutooth Layers Bluetooth Frame format Classful Addressing IPv4 Header Virginia Helen Decides Today In France Flying to Portugal Had Significant Debts Opened TCP Header mnemonics : Should Dean Scold All Hundred Righteous Folks, We Could Urgently Take […]

Data Security : Master Post

Information hidden from unauthorised access – Confidentiality Information protected from unauthorised change – Integrity Information entity from unauthorised bandwitdth hijacking – Availability Threat to Confidentiality Snooping – Someone wants to look through your data Traffic Analysis Threat to Intrgrity Modification Masquerading Replaying Repudiation Threat to Availability Denial of Service DoS Ceasar Cipher is one of […]

Coffee with Network Layer: Let NetLo answer your questions.

Disclaimer: If I didn’t graduate college because I failed by Computer Networks course, this, right now, is the time I will look back and realise –“This is where it all went downhill” Regardless of that, writing blogs helps me retain a lot of stuff. Even though my idea of studying for this the literal last […]