The Shopaholic Imbroglio

The nugatory scrolling comes to an end as I glance up to see the time on my phone. It’s been one hour since the last time I saw it. The time when I decided to mindlessly scroll through amazon’s app like I do with any other social media. I find myself browsing through way too many shopping apps these days and wonder if this is what people call being a Shopaholic

The Shopaholic Imbroglio, Can you get out of this?

Sorkinifynig My Dialogs : Using observations from lessonsfromscreenplay

Small Tricks to Improve writing :  F. Scott Fitzgerald transcribed the novels of writers he admired such as Charles Dickens to get the feel of their writing. Dumb Little Writing Tricks That Work: Transcribe Screenplays When I first read about transcribing screenplay, this seemed like an idea that I have been waiting for. I really […]

Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

Week 1 : Plotting a Course MegsObserves : The course has really good music and really well shot. It’s amazing ! Sorta jazzy. Plot : Causal relationship between two events. Character + Action = Plot Hayao Miyazaki, one of Japan’s most celebrated animators, director of Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, and many others, said that what […]