They don’t write poems about happiness

They don’t write poems about happiness They don’t write poems about happiness the happenstances that make you forget catastrophic magnificence of your being the glances you share with the mirage of your feeling the ballroom dances referenced in those lyrics he was singing the trances of the hypnotic redemptions in the stories you were reading […]

A night of contemplative reassurance.

There is something utterly reassuring about knowing that what you’re studying/working isn’t coming out of an incautious need to survive but rather an inexplicable curiosity. I understand that the circumstances at which this realization struck me are quite complicated. However, I wouldn’t have imagined any other time when I would have so much free time […]

Information Theory and Source coding

I was going through my dropbox and found some of my old notes on information theory, till this day I think I still love these notes. 🙂 I. Introduction to information theory, Information theory: Fundamental Limits of communication Coding Techniques: Concerned with practical techniques to realise the limits specified by information theory Uncertainty:“More the uncertainty of the […]