Sigh Why do you suck at linear writing.

-Me to myself at 1am

I have been reading Don Quixote lately and writing this blog post makes me feel like I am a madman(woman?), going on this absurd quest for no apparent reason. I wanted to know how to structure my blogs, I ended up going down several rabbit-holes and — well, let’s say you’ll find out about that eventually. Here’s my take on how to write a decent blog post or as I would put it – making a supposedly easy task complicated for myself because I hate my life. Yeah, I am a pretty cheerful person.
I started with

Tip 1: Don’t google what makes for a good blog post.

Problem with “How to write a good blog” blogs

“Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.”
— Stephen King,On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

When readings content related to “writing” you will be shocked at how much good advice you will get. There are some hidden gems that you will only discover when you dig deep into these books, blogs or any kind of informative content. When I wanted to know more about how people go about writing fiction, I came across how to write a plot graph which I found brilliant. However, I was disappointed when I repeated the same thing for blogposts. The main issue was, most of these posts were centred around “attracting readers” and not really about how to structure information in a way that’s better to read.
Here is what I want to achieve
1. Being able to convey information in a more structured way.
2. Creating a mechanism for myself to be able to keep repeating this for other blogs/ideas/thoughts/anything.
Warning: Because there are multiple rabbit holes that I went down, there are gonna be multiple blogs linked. Get what I meant by I can’t write a single linear blog?

Conveying information in a structured way

I don’t know how I came across this book Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method by Carole Rich but it’s AMAZING. Even though I haven’t completely understood everything that is written here, one of the things that I like is the structure. So I thought, why not borrow it?

Creating a Mechanism

Rabbit hole 1: How I use notion to organise my blogs/thoughts? This will give you some idea of the mechanism I created to be able to do my research and writing process for a blog.
Now that we have some structure about what to do when an idea pops up — put it on notion! Generally while writing I end up going through several links while trying to validate my point with a lot of data. One of the places that I found useful was this master resource list which has resources for most of the things that you would come across.
So to summarise
– Try to convey the information in a better way using proper structure in your writing.
– Make sure there is a way to structure the information
– Work on how you write your summaries (still got a lot of work to do here)
The raw content file 😛

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