I have been greeted by several videos/blogs and uncountable posts online about how reading more changed my life.

I have been in love with this kind of content for quite some time now and one thing that I realised is that even though I would like to read more I have never been sure about what I want to read.

This is a different question than what I like, this goes deeper into the problem about what I would prioritize. More specifically which information is something that I can’t live without and which information I can let go off.

Growing up, you also slowly start grasping this weird rule of life, you can’t consume all the knowledge that’s out there and most of the times you have to let a lot of it go by telling yourself not today.

There wasn’t a question about “how” to read more because I had stopped thinking about reading as a quantitative action and more qualitative. However Max Jospeh’s video about bookstores does talk about most of the anxiety surrounding this how to read more book in the limited time you have. It also helps that Tim Urban from waitbutwhy [mfc]https://waitbutwhy.com/[/mfc ] and some beautiful bookstores around the world feature in this video

However, at this point I had to figure out what I want to read more. Which information I wanted to consume more. Podcasts? Books? Audiobook? Magazines? Newspaper? even in those did I want to read Fiction? Classics? Politics? Current culture? Mathematics? Biography?

At this point, this post is incomplete. I have a problem–How to prioritize what information I want to consume. It’s an open-ended problem and whenever I make any progress I will keep on updating this post.

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