Let’s look at some WSJ articles, now that this part of my blog has gone completely off the rails about what is a relevant topic to talk about1I have been really posting about anything and everything lately. Expelling someone in order to castigate them for publishing an “opinion” about the country being secretive isn’t really the best thing I have seen so far, however, from my recent realisation, media and how you portray yourself on media does really change a lot of things. Even though we think that the media is all transparent and informative, it’s more or less about how convincing their narrative is for you. Chinas government is taking control over their narrative, somewhere for you, some rich billionaire might be. Who knows? Again not really that well informed on that situation but do have some strong opinions about narratives 3 I think at this point I am really sleepy Some noteworthy quotes from that article though

“Our opinion pages regularly publish articles with opinions that people disagree—or agree—with and it was not our intention to cause offense with the headline on the piece,” Mr. Lewis said. “However, this has clearly caused upset and concern amongst the Chinese people, which we regret.”


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