Growing up, I religiously listened to Taylor Swift. I remember being awake all night, tears flowing down my face while I sing Dear John and think about the toxic relationship I was in back then. I grew out of it, we all did. We grew up and started listening to “grown-up” music but her fanbase—well it didn’t really grow up did it? She was still singing and writing songs for fourteen year old who are searching for a voice that could explain what they are going through. It’s strange because as she grew older, she had to be more responsible towards her fanbase and in every way that I could think of, she did. She grew up from being this personable, nice girl who avoided controversies to being someone who openly spoke about things that she felt were wrong. You can see the stark difference between the girl who write you belong with me and better than revenge which even though it being extremely catchy sends this message that “I am not like other girls”. Whereas when you look at her new work something like “Girl at home” and recently “Me!” which focuses on not putting down the other person but embracing your own uniqueness ‘A nice girl doesn’t force their opinion on everyone. A nice girl smiles and waves and says ‘thank you.’ There is also this really warm feeling when she talks about Joe, living through a lot of heartbreaks with her songs, you grow attached to her finding someone who is good enough. Everyone deserves that. To make a laconic comment, everyone deserves to have a grand romantic fairytale, doesn’t matter who you are. The virulent media and honestly the entire Kanye West crisis. She was a young girl and doing something like that when no one asked you to is completely horrifying. I think most of us forget that when you’re younger your thought process is plastic, to have it moulded by an event like that is just bad. She was also the girl that we all remember once being. Propensity to self-criticism. Constantly being harsh on yourself. Maintaining a good girl decorum while you’re completely falling apart. Your accolades don’t mean for shit when you’re living for others approval. Even though the movie was an autobiography, it felt like a eulogy for our younger selves. I want to end this on a good note, but I just saw someone’s life pass me by, I saw my childhood pass me by and I just want to be back in 2010 listening to Taylor Swift songs and worrying about not being able to complete my homework.

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