log 8: Periods Cramps and disappointment go hand in hand

Spent the entire day watching Marvelous Mrs Maisel. It has amazing aesthetics and style. It’s stuffed with style, and I can’t believe how someone can create a show this amazing. I know one thing, now that I have binged till season 3 episode 7 and I secretly ship Joel and Midge. I can see the problem she has with him though. You can’t cheat on someone and expect the other person to forgive them this easily! The show is lucid, it’s refulgent, it’s everything you want it to be.
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I am still very interested in the complicated relationship between Joel and Midge Maisel. I will keep you guys updated as soon as I watch it. The show makes me want to live in 1960s New York. Well, technically I would like to observe 1960s New York, not live in it. Well–who knows.
I have been really struggling with getting work done lately. I have no idea what is making me this tired. I have however come up with certain things that I can work with, i.e, I can explore more productivity apps. They may/may not help me but just the idea of watching something like that gives me enough motivation to start

I have my periods on currently and let me tell you one thing, there is nothing more infuriating than having a bleeding vagina with back pains and cramps worse than any physical injury. This is not fair on so many levels. These aren’t just some spurious comments, it’s just something I feel very strongly. According to my imperious self, the only medical invention would be to have a method to completely stop periods.

Bullet Journaling

I am a huge reverent about the organisation. I used to have this book as a kid, called how to get organised without losing it. The book was meant for middle-schooler and extremely Americanized. It was a bit fortuitous for me to stumble across that because that opened a whole new world for me, I went on Tumblr to just discover studyblr. Ever since I started my relationship with Studyblr it’s been a hell of a rollercoaster. It was amazing at times, but the obsession with aesthetics was a bit onerous. Now I am here, browsing through some YouTube Videos about bullet journaling and want to pen down my style of organising. Do I have one?

My organising stylebox

Bullet Journal 1: Minimal bullet journal setup ยป for productivity + mindfulness

One of my aim from bullet journaling is that I don’t want to focus too much on aesthetics. I don’t want to be paralysed by something that isn’t essential to organising.
  • . means Task
  • X means Completed
  • > means moved
  • – notes
  • strikethrough means not important
  • star means priority
One more thing that I realised is that I need to have this online. I love journalling using a pen and paper but most of the times I am too ashamed of opening up a notebook in public. Currently, I like the app journal it it also has a mac app! I don’t really like the idea about having a brain-dump in a journal. I don’t think I can manage it. I generally would like to dedicate a separate journal or blog about it.

Bullet Journal 2 : My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup


Journal it

Google Calendar it

Check out my all calendars list to know what I am up to.

Moving on – Let’s talk about some crazy ideas I had for today

I am a crazy fan of information theory. I am a crazy fan of podcasts–you know, why not combine them two?

My post got accepted in Towards Data Science- Medium

Journey into Mathematics

I want to be able to understand information theory at its mathematical level. That’s the reason I have been obsessively doing mathematics courses. One of them is Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability
Love the course! Learning log will be updated soon

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