Log 2: New Year and my struggle to avoid it.

I already dread the idea of this, this, writing every day about the day. I mean I would have certainly had a better time bumbling about everything else.

The problem with daily logs is that they demand you to recall, everything that went on during the day. I am terrible at recalling, my grades are a proof of that.

It’s also really tricky to put everything that happened in the day in a way that’s at least slightly amusing so that the future megs doesn’t snooze off when reading this.

Spent another day at Madeline, a thing that I will soon miss. The aesthetic decore combined with what I think sounds like french jazz? Talking.

That’s the tricky part, what did we end up talking?

I don’t really remember. This is exactly what I meant by poor recall. I am just incapable of recalling everything that happened in the day.

I do however love this dress and my love for these fake flowers. I have also come to this realisation that my mom will always have a way better choice at choosing dresses for me that I ever will. She isn’t biased towards Instagram fashion. That makes every piece she buys strangely unique.

@kalalombdi can you click a picture?

Purge: Deleting Stuff on my devices/accounts

I have been waiting for this for longer than you can ever imagine. I have so many pending e-cleaning tasks. My phone is overloaded with things I don’t need. I have tonnes of subscriptions that I don’t really utilise. Also, this piles up, it really does!

Clearing My Phone

This terrified me. I read an article yesterday about Y2K and about how terrifying it can be for technologies to be so interdependent.

I tried to factory reset my phone but when it restarted it required internet to move forward. I forgot my wifi password and I wasn’t able to access the router admin page to look at it. Then I couldn’t call anyone because my phone was resetting. I tried to reset my router to change the password and now I was in bigger shit, because the admin page still won’t open.

After struggling for a few minutes (20) I reset the router and then was able to set up my phone.


I don’t know how to make my personal tech setup more robust to such mishaps. I don’t know

Clearing Google Drive

14.9 GB full out of 15.

AH, fuck.

  1. Clearing trash

Well, that was a big jump

Done with this.

Clearing MacBook Junk

I use omnidisksweeper to clean my macbook.


Deleting all the junk from downloads. Also realised I had downloaded King of Comedy and Taxi driver to watch. I’ll remember that.

Clearing the cache from library/cache

That look good enough

I guess I’ll just cool off by watching one more episode of merlin. Good Night Folks 🙂

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