Log 1 : Resolutions: Only one this year.

Of course, your in-house optimist had made a huge list of resolution every single year, failed miserably and made another new list with the same enthusiasm the next year. I haven’t really been so perspicacious about resolutions before, though this year I wanted to try something new.

I wanted to go ahead with just one resolution and try to stick with it. Make a daily log every single day

I love writing, most of the stuff that I put up here is bullshit anyway. There aren’t any fancy heterodox opinions that I really share or am proud of. Shitposting about how my day went wouldn’t really do much of a damage really!

Rules :

  • Need to post every day before 2359 and label each date
  • Would be really helpful if the logs served as learning logs though not really mandatory
  • There should be some sort of punishment if the log is not made @kalalombdi is responsible for this
  • Edit but never delete. 🙂

This definitely sounds like a protracted plan, but you know what, I am determined. I am also mildly excited about this and think this could be a good start for the new year. Should I celebrate with a coffee at midnight or is that too progressive? This might sound like sophistry, but it’s not, trust me, it’s not.

I do this thing where I randomly pick five words and try to include them in every blog I write. The words for this blog are here:

– Stand A Group Of Trees
– Protracted Extended In Time
– Perspicacious Having A Ready Insight Into And Understanding Of Things
– Heterodox Unorthodox; Iconoclastic
– Sophistry Fallacious Reasoning; Faulty Logic

Do let me know if you think the usage was a bit off 🙂

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