Organizational Implications

Insider Attack : Heartland Payment System Fraud : Keystroke logger was used. They have used company’s payment processing system and 100 million credit cards compromised from the best 650 financial services companies

Insider Attack : Blue Shield Blue Cross : Data Breach, 57 hard drives from facility and 500, 000 customers at risk.

Cybercrime may emerge from local, remote, domestic or foreign sources.

A cybercrime perspective

Security Breach

A security breach is defined as leakage of information, digital data that’s supposed to be private to a person. Whenever this data is compromised, due to malicious or accidental attack the integrity of the data is compromised.

Types of insiders
Cybercrime the flow and connections

Privacy Key Dimensions

  • Informational privacy
  • Personal privacy
  • Communication privacy
  • Territorial privacy

Cost of cybercrime and IPR issues

Conficker Virus : It was a fast spreading virus that targeted MS08-067 in windows operating system. Using pirated software is illegal and breaks IPR’s Copyright Act, but other than that it leaves you open to exploitation in the weaker system as it is not updated.

There was a benchmark study done by Ponemon University where they collected data from 45 organisation which belonged to more than 10 sectors. It was found that the detection and recovery constitutes of the largest amount of internal costs.

Cost to organisation and IPR

Thus there should be protection at endpoints as they can result in lot of cost to the company. Secure Coding is also necessary as to protect the organisation from “Malicious Code”. HR checks can also be really helpful to avoid induction of malicious intruder. Access controls should be given after careful consideration. And Security governance is very very very important.

Web threats for organizations

“The Internet has engulfed us!”


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Social media marketing : Security risks and perils for organizations

Best Practices

  • Organisation Wise information systems security policy
  • Configuration/Change control and management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Standardised software configurations
  • Security awareness and training
  • Contingency and planning
  • Certification and accreditation

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