The nugatory scrolling comes to an end as I glance up to see the time on my phone. It’s been one hour since the last time I saw it. The time when I decided to mindlessly start scroll through Amazon’s app like I do with any other social media. I find myself browsing through way too many shopping apps these days and wonder if this is what people call being a Shopaholic

The Shopaholic Imbroglio, Can you get out of this?

Stephen Kellett and Jessica V. Bolton avert in their 2009 research article, Compulsive buying: A cognitive–behavioural model that Compulsive Buying can become self-reinforcing over time. Which, if you look closely can be quite scary! This is generally characterised by extreme urges of shopping. I am neither an expert nor someone who know’s too much about this subject, but this got me really curious–as most things do, at this point it’s not even surprising anymore.

Not only is this mentally exhausting but also results in expensive living standards for the individual. This however isn’t just bad for you, but also to everyone else in ecosystem because impulsive buying results in wastage of most of the things you buy–I mean look at fast fashion and it’s adverse effects! You can read the business insider article about this or this one where Katherine talks about quitting fast fashion.

I have had the prescience about this when I first opened up an amazon tab while crying my eyes out and it made me feel better. I was a teenager, but even back then I realised it was a slippery slope. I dissembled the shopaholic in me by pretending to be a brat. It was a coping mechanism after all, my parents giving me materialistic gifts to spare their absence in–well–basically anything that was important to me.

oh we didn’t show up to your annual day, here’s an iPod

We as a generation try to gain instant gratification from everything and anything that’s out there. That’s not entirely bad, this keeps you on your toes and you start living-today! I am not into making statements to disparage people of my generation. I just want to say how buying things fits neatly into the instant-gratification narrative. It’s sad though, you see your soul putrefying as the days go by.

The need to buy new things, to just get joy out of spending money on things, the new book, the new clip or even incessantly ordering food online! It’s not really a healthy habit. Though, I am not claiming any kind of expertise in the field(of CB) neither do I want to self-diagnose myself with this, I just want to understand what being a shopaholic really is. This however can be really linked to the current consumer culture why we seek validation from people around us because we are wired that way.

Don’t know what really is the solution is, but starting from smaller steps, something like being aware about this and calling yourself out whenever you sense that you’re trying to just buy things for instant gratification might help. In longer term however, I think I need to start getting comfortable in my own skin, understand that the new thing that I buy isn’t going to fill that void–me actively doing something about it might!


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