While I’m not going for that acronym, let’s see where we can take this

Yesterday while scrolling through my infinite reddit feed, I came across something. This blog–it wasn’t fancy–in fact it wasn’t even trying to be clever. It was a daily/weekly log. I don’t know where in this whole journey of writing and blogging I became scared of posting. Wanting everything I write to qualify this insane standard that most of the posts would never make it through, but then again, that means I was writing everything down for someone else. This sporadic posting meant that I rarely even felt good about writing!

I want to say that the unfair ratio between published and drafts is because I am a perfectionist People who know me, know that’s not remotely true. I would want to write about things unfeigned, something that’s not tainted by my need to seek validation. That however requires me to put my writing out there and not be scared of people assuming that I am not smart enough. I want to write everyday, and I’m pretty sure that would help me get where I want with my writing.

Eh, or maybe it’s just an effort to placate myself. Who know really?

Blog Every Day

I thought about this idea though, something which I may/may not regret later but let’s go through with it anyway.

If you google this concept, there are a million articles out there that say how blogging everyday really helped them a lot. It should!

I have resisted my urge to quote the 10,000 hour rule but you know what it is! Even though a lot of people have argued against it and say that “it’s been debunked” there is no harm in doing something you like everyday–because you might not be an expert at the end of it, but you’ll at least be way ahead of where you were. The idea isn’t to reach somewhere but to just grow everyday.


Form A Daily Writing Habit—It Will Improve Your Life
Darius suggests that writing everyday gives you better self discipline, helps you in your presentation skills, cultivating self-awareness by being able to translate your thoughts into words, you get better at decision making because you’re trying to put down your decision making process in words and you will understand the “why” and lastely, you will see the power of compounding action.

How to Write Every Day
Do it in a sprint. Break you tasks into chucks and then do them in a sprint. It’s like a focused short exercise. Embrace imperfection, put your messy writing out, work on improving it than discarding it completely.

Writing Everyday- My Journey Through Madness.
Talks about how writing everyday helps him act’s like a support system of sorts and how it’s also an outlet for the buildup up of mental sludge that comes daily

Writing Everyday
As bill suggests you want to gauge if you should write everyday or not is to experiment. If you don’t write everyday then try doing it for a week

These are just some of the blogs and there are hundreds out there that talk about why you should at least experiment with writing everyday!

The idea is really simple,
You blog everyday–but you also factor in new writing advice/experiment/something.

Here’s a the checklist

  • What is new in this blog that you haven’t tried before?
  • Have you sent it to at least one person for review?
  • Have you taken the notes given by this person and tried to improve?

Fill out the form below if you

  • Wanna collaborate on writing something?
  • or help with being a reviewer?
  • or just share an idea?
  • or be part of this challenge?

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