Memorising Stuff In Computer Networks

OSI Layers

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All People Some Time Need Data Processing

MAC Frame

Paula Shouted Directly Saying Let’s Dance Cargo?

Blutooth Layers

All Pepole Do Live Baseless Restless lives (Which are supported by Audio and Control)

Bluetooth Frame format

All Type (of) FASade (is) Huge

Classful Addressing

Keep Adding one to the Left till you reach a four Digit Number

IPv4 Header

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Virginia Helen Decides Today In France Flying to Portugal Had Significant Debts Opened

TCP Header


mnemonics : Should Dean Scold All Hundred Righteous Folks, We Could Urgently Take Them Down

Unskilled Attacker Pester Real Security Folks

Unskilled = URG
Attackers = ACK
Pester = PSH
Real = RST
Security = SYN
Folks = FIN

Authentication Header

mnemonic : National Public Radio Sought Security Authorities

ARP Encapsulation

Please Do Speak (on your) Thoughts About Crystal Meth


  • Fragmentation. First, SSL divides the data into blocks of 214 bytes or less.
  • Compression. Each fragment of data is compressed using one of the lossless com- pression methods negotiated between the client and server. This service is optional.
  • Message Integrity. To preserve the integrity of data, SSL uses a keyed-hash function to create a MAC.
  • Confidentiality. To provide confidentiality, the original data and the MAC are encrypted using symmetric-key cryptography.
  • Framing. A header is added to the encrypted payload. The payload is then passed to a reliable transport-layer protocol.

Mnemonic : For Crying (out loud) Make Cinema Famous again

mnemonic : All Hot Crispy Almonds Require Time

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