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Cyber Security

Cybercrime may emerge from local, remote, domestic or foreign sources. Security Breach A security breach is defined as leakage of information, digital data that’s supposed to be private to a person. Whenever this data is compromised, due to malicious or accidental attack the integrity of the data is compromised. Privacy Key Dimensions Informational privacy Personal …

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The Shopaholic Imbroglio

The nugatory scrolling comes to an end as I glance up to see the time on my phone. It’s been one hour since the last time I saw it. The time when I decided to mindlessly scroll through amazon’s app like I do with any other social media. I find myself browsing through way too many shopping apps these days and wonder if this is what people call being a Shopaholic

The Shopaholic Imbroglio, Can you get out of this?

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