Word Prompt : Building Vocabulary one day at a time

Let Python do the thinking for you 🙂

I wanted a way to generate five words, out of the blue with their meaning so that I didn’t have to think about “which five words I use in todays article”

Decision Fatigue is a thing, and I want to avoid making any of these decisions.

I started by creating list of GRE words saved in words.txt and meaning saved in meaning.txt and then randomly picked out a pair of them

import random

def pick(wordfile = 'words.txt', meaningfile = 'meanings.txt', n=5):
    wordlist = [line.rstrip('\n') for line in open(wordfile)]
    meaninglist = [line.rstrip('\n') for line in open(meaningfile)]
    dictionary = {wordlist[i]: meaninglist[i] for i in range(len(wordlist))} 
    output = random.choices(list(dictionary.items()), k=n)

out = pick()
for i in range(len(out)):
    print(f"- {out[i][0].title()}\t{out[i][1].title()}")

Nothing really complicated, just a tool to help me with building my vocabulary 🙂

Word Prompt

Generate Random words with meaning that have to be used in the article that I write. Helps with my shitty vocabulary, takes away the decision fatigue of selecting the word. You can check out the implementation and read more about it here 

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