Verilog: Delay Delay Everywhere

There are a lot of delays in verilog, and trust me when I say I am done with them!

There is your normal delay

#10 y =1; //10 unit delay

But there you can have a delay with identifier

parameter latency = 10; 
#latency y =1;

You can also now have an expression

parameter latency = 10; 
parameter delta = 5; 
#(latency+delta) y =1;

Then there is minimum, typical and maximum delay

#(4:5:6) y=1;

but they are further divided into rise time, fall time and turn off

#(4:5:6 7:8:9 10:11:12) y =1;

There is intra-assignment delays, oh boy

y = #10 x+z; //x+z will be evaluated at t=0 but assigned at t=10

Revolutionary idea, let’s just also have zero delay control. What?

#0 x=1; //this statement will be executed last


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