I have been putting this off for a while now. I know that this is going to be a big commitment–though to be very fair, everything is always a big commitment. I have been thinking of writing regularly and I want to also not shit post. 

The one problem that we all (or at least me multiple times) fall for is this one statement 

Your writing will improve the more you write. 

While it is true, it’s missing one key element of how humans learn. We learn by repeating a task and fixing the mistakes correctly. 


You don’t just have to write daily, but you need to grow in your writing daily. I am no expert here on how to do that, I just know that this needs to be done–so these are things that I am going to use. 

1. Post something everyday

I want to post about something new that I learnt everyday. Tumblr for long(medium?) form and continues updates. More researched and well structured content for my Medium and Personal Blog and short TIL type infobytes on my twitter or reddit. 

2. Seek for evaluation

This is probably the hardest part, I need to ask someone about my writing. This needs to be done both online and offline. I can’t hide behind the screen and run away from people in my real life. People in my real life–don’t have to be another reality than people online. 

3. Read, Read books about writing, listen to podcasts. 

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory 

I will keep updating to this post about the progress, in the mean time–anyone out there in TumblrVerse who can help me with this process? I am desperate 😛

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