Engulfed by the incoherent noise of extremely disinterested students I was staring at a half filled blackboard which had a graph drawn about–god knows what. I couldn’t help but slip into another unavoidable existential monologue–which in all honesty isn’t based on some deep enlightenment–instead just exists to satisfy my needs to feel more important. The lady sighs for the hundredth time when she realises that hardly four out of a class of seventy girls are genuinely interested in listening to her lecture. Not that the students are to blame here, the lecture is utter bullshit. A completely mathematical course thought by a first-time teacher in a way that would make you run out of here screaming. If it weren’t for this mandatory attendance there wouldn’t be a single soul here.

Have you ever wondered how our hate towards the institutions and corporations is so intense and universal that it’s almost suspicious. It’s like we are meant to feel like we’re enslaved by the omnipresent institutions that surround you, yet you still keep living the same life you hate. It’s almost like we’re looking at an unbeatable huge force than just turning to your right and noticing that very obvious problem that you can solve with little effort. Power of distraction.

I’m constantly torn between being a cynical pessimist thinking that the entire–willfully ignorant–world sucks and being the person who sees that I just think that way to indulge my arrogant self-importasizing self.

I let out a sigh of relief when I notice the teacher leaving the class. I run my hands through my hair which end right above the shoulders now–thanks to that impulsive haircut–and then keep staring at the floor. I can leave right now, but I just take a few minutes to think of the reason I was putting up with this bullshit and wasting so much time. I smile. Another problem I can blame on the institutions–neat.

Of course I love to blame my problems on other things that I can’t control.


You’d be surprised what all stuff can happen when there are determined people trying to accomplish something. We all were determined to not attend college whenever it we possible, so right now I’m sitting in a re-election of class representatives because our previous ones didn’t entertain mass bunks. There is one person reading out the names from the sheets and other one tallying the score. The one person who would corporate in mass bunks, and the one who won’t.


We have a class representative who would support mass bunks, but is quite dumb in every other respects. Funny how democracy will select an incompetent leader who would fuel your current unreasonable demands than someone who’s actually good for the job.

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