A night of contemplative reassurance.

There is something utterly reassuring about knowing that what you’re studying/working isn’t coming out of an incautious need to survive but rather an inexplicable curiosity. I understand that the circumstances at which this realization struck me are quite complicated. However, I wouldn’t have imagined any other time when I would have so much free time […]

Information Theory and Source coding

I was going through my dropbox and found some of my old notes on information theory, till this day I think I still love these notes. 🙂 I. Introduction to information theory, Information theory: Fundamental Limits of communication Coding Techniques: Concerned with practical techniques to realise the limits specified by information theory Uncertainty:“More the uncertainty of the […]

What heartbreak with ULMFiT feels like?

Originally posted I have a substack newsletter, check it out? Contents What is ULMFiT? How to use ULMFiT? How it broke my heart What is ULMFiT? Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification Inductive transfer learning has greatly impacted computer vision, but existing approaches in NLP still require task-specific modifications and training from scratch. We […]